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Another Food Blog

Welcome to my new blog! I know, another foodie blog... I can't promise you anything different from the hoards of food blogs out there. I do however promise to keep you posted on all my yummy adventures and favorite spots. Who knows, maybe they become yours too?

Sunset sushi on the Highline in NYC. En Route to Amsterdam on a 12-Hour Layover.

Introductions are in Order

This is not the first time I have tried to start a blog. This intro- post too is not the first.

What you don't realize about blogging is it takes A LOT of time.

When I first applied to University I had planned to major in Film and Media studies. The dream: Rock Star Foodie Extraordinaire.

The dream never materialized. Somehow I found myself on a detour though the thrilling world of accounting. Sarcasm, obviously. Now finishing up the last of my CPA exams, I have an overflow of foodie knowledge, a camera roll that is evident of the 20 pound weight gain and a desire to SHARE.

So here I am. Again. Let's give this another shot.

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